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Differences between how Men & Women view Personal Ads

When writing your ad, you should keep in mind that men and women respond differently to personal ads. Men respond to adult dating russian personal ads more than women. Therefore, an ad from a woman receives more responses than an ad from a man. According to our own statistical analysis as well as a study done at Northwestern University, we have found a few trends that bear paying attention to when writing your ad.
Men First, men are adult friend finder dating service much less selective when responding to ads than women. If a male browses 10 ads he wants to respond to, and probably sends a message for all 10, hoping for a good percentage of email backs. Men play the odds. They feel that the more ads they respond to increases their chances of getting a response back. Also, men adult interracial dating tend to be more inclusive. If an ad says that a woman is looking for a gentleman in his thirties, a man who is 42 but considers himself to look and feel like a thirty year old will respond.

Therefore, women can and adult dating australia should be more specific when writing their ads. It pays to be as descriptive as possible. The more specific you are about who you are and the person you’d like to meet, the better quality the responses you’ll get.
Women Women, on the black adult dating other hand, are much more selective and exclusive. If a female browses 10 ads, she is more likely to send a message for 5 or 6 of them.
If a woman reads an ad that says the man is looking for a “cute, petite, shapely, young looking, thin, etc., type lady,” mature adult dating he is likely to not get many responses — if any.

A woman might reject a guy just because he says he prefers blondes, thinking what he is really saying is that if adult dating friends you’re not blonde, forget it. Men should be a little less specific when describing their preferences. One wrong word and you may be out of the running. Remember though, to always be honest!

Understanding how women perceive free adult sex dating themselves and knowing what “red flag” words not to say will go a long way in getting a better response from women. Don’t focus on physical attributes. Avoid these bad words: slim, shapely, etc.

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